Everything we do is based on relationships

We deal with art in an unpretentious way by focusing our efforts on the artists and their work. We help promote the work of creative individuals and communities around the world through the provision of a market-style website together with individualised online spaces to list, promote and share resources and events.  We actively encourage direct artist-collector contact and communication.

When we started this journey, we used to simply promote ArtMarketDirect.com on our social media channels by trying to show artists what a great deal we offer, compared to the big four mega-art sites.  We used to list features and talk about prices…but that was boring. We analyzed how we go about selling art to collectors as professional artists.  The conclusion; in most cases in the real world of face to face selling, relationships exist or are created.

It’s not rocket science.  But relationships were not being created or developed with a logo and a slogan.

We changed how we market our site by focussing a lot more on our artists content – sharing what they upload to our social media channels and engaging with responses.  This has worked well.  Our marketing works best when we promote our artists and their work.  It obviously helps us too if our artists and collectors post links to ArtMarketDirect on their own social media channels, share the details of our great facebook groups or share content from the dynamic directory or events pages.

Unsurprisingly too, our artists sell more when they share links to their ArtMarketDirect gallery or pieces they have uploaded to their own social media channels.  We will do our best, but it is a team effort to get sales across the line.

“Our artists and their work are everything folk need to know.  Without that, we are nothing.”

Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell, 2017

Featured Artists

We have changed how we promote featured art and how featured artists can build relationships with visitors to the site. In the past, we simply provided a link to the ArtMarketDirect gallery of any featured artist, but that did not seem like anywhere near personal enough, so now we do it differently.

Why Bother?

Compassion and empathy are two characteristics which he honed whiled assisting people in need.  This combined with the tips and tricks contained within ‘The Model’ taught to Lloyd by British fine artist Brett Neal means it was only a matter of time before Lloyd was trying to help other artists how to succeed.

So, ArtMarketDirect was conceived.

Lloyd is committed to providing a service where there is evidenced need.  To this end, a root and branch consultation is held with artists annually.  The results of this survey inform developments in the year going forward.

At first, it was just a place where artists could upload their work and not have to get their own website built.

As time went on more needs were identified and so the Events Listings we included, then the Directory and then the blog.

All of these things have been designed to meet specific needs not properly met in Lloyd’s opinion of where the existing model is exploitative.

Our founder, Lloyd, continues to work as a professional working artist.

He is passionate about colour and expression.  Although balancing his work with a young family, Lloyd’s studio output is prolific.

Anyone who has taken the time to approach him will know that he is very personable and approachable.  He genuinely cares for artists who use ArtMarketDirect and their development.  Lloyd is available for a chat BY APPOINTMENT on:

  • Skype

  • WhatsApp

  • Facebook/Messenger/Facetime

  • WeChat/QQ

Facts About Lloyd

  • Worked with homeless/housing charities in the UK for nearly 20 years, working as Chief Executive of East Kent based charity for six years (see here)

  • He’s tall at a head-hitting hight of 1.94m (6′ 3 1/2 ” – in old money)

  • His grandfather was in the British film industry (see here)

  • Favourite author is Umberto Eco

  • Made and sold art on a beach in Whitstable, UK, from a brick wall rented from the Oyster Company for three years.

  • Father was an international procurement agent before the days of mobiles and the internet.  Resourcefulness and adaptability were demonstrated.

  • Produced two plays at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley in 1994 and 1995

  • Qualified as a PADI DiveMaster and spent 6 months diving in Lanzarote (see here)

  • Has been a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 1997

  • Has walked the Vanguard Way (Bromley to Newhaven), West Highland Way (Glasgow to Fort William) and Pilgrims Way (Canterbury Cathedral to St Martin’s in the Fields, London)

  • Can’t stand Spaghetti (it can’t be stabbed and eaten) or Chilli Con Carne (kidney beans)

  • Worked for a year teaching English (ESOL) to Chinese children

The Call To Arms:

My friend and mentor, Brett Neal, a British fine artist told me all about the art world, encouraged me to try it and directed me in the ways of ‘The Model’; a clear systematic approach to creating and selling art.  It worked.

This knowledge completely changed the direction of my life.

Maybe you have been to art school or college, maybe you have taught yourself.  I have been shown and since 2013, I have been in the business of art, making and selling my own, and also selling other peoples.

Brett was clear; there are no shortcuts, it is hard work, but with dedication and by being prolific, you can sell everything you create.

If you are an artist and if you are reading this, I want to share that model with you.

  • You can make money

  • You can represent yourself

  • You can live off your art

  • You can make it without selling out

Using our tools, I want to help you live the life you want as an artist.  You CAN get there!

Knowledge of ‘The Model’ literally changed my life.

Knowledge of ‘The Model’ GAVE ME the life as an artist I had always wanted.

It took away the stress of being a “struggling artist” and turned me into a successful one who finally had time to focus on ART instead of MONEY.

This new understanding allowed me to not give in, not sell out, keep my integrity as an artist and live a truly fruitful life. Thatʼs PRECISELY what I want for you!

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