Are you already listed In the ArtMarketDirectory?

We want the ArtMarketDirectory to be the most comprehensive online directory and guide relating to all things ART in the world. 

Right now there are a host of niche directories, mostly separated by geography or a certain type of art-related business.  This is unnecessary duplication when it could all be under one roof.

Are you already listed?

Not only can artists list themselves, but also any businesses which are related to art can list themselves for FREE.

Of course we will be checking each and every submission to keep the shysters, tricksters, flim-flam artists and other time wasters out.

With your help the ArtMarketDirectory can grow and blossom into something artists, collectors and indeed anyone else connected to art can use and share

Who can be listed in ArtMarketDirectory?

If you are an artist or collector we ask that you share this information with anyone you know connected to:

  • Artists
  • Art Education and Training providers
  • Art Festival Organizers
  • Artisan Gift Shops
  • Art Materials Shops
  • Auction Houses
  • Brokers
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Exhibition Spaces
  • Fine Art Insurers
  • Fine Art Printers
  • Framers
  • Gallaries
  • Grant Givers and Funding
  • Kiln Locations
  • Open Studio Event organizers
  • Pop-Up Shops for Rent
  • Potteries
  • Real-world Marketplace Management
  • Residencies
  • Restorers
  • Fine Art Shippers
  • Studio Spaces + Lots more

Be like these guys:

Brett Neal Studio

Brett, a British artist, created a diverse body of work for over 30 years. Notably, his achievement over the years included a host of portraits of the great and good. Overwhelmingly, the artist was known for his love of perfection and simplicity.

Mighty Jaxx

Based in Singapore, Mighty Jaxx is an award-winning design studio specializing in developing art collectables. Since our inception in 2012, we have produced over a thousand designs and delivered hundreds of thousands of products to collectors all around the world. Our limited edition collectables are designed in collaboration with world-renowned artists worldwide.

Arts Council England

Grants for the Arts is our open access funding programme for individuals, art organisations and other people who use the arts in their work.We offer awards from £1,000 to £100,000 to support a wide variety of arts-related activities, from dance to visual arts, literature to theatre, music to combined arts.

Cedarbank Studio

Specialising in watercolours and oils, Cedarbank Studio has clients including the Clyde Fishermen's Trust, Loch Fyne Oysters, Stranraer Oyster Festival and Nick Nairn's School of cooking. With associated art house for residential visits and links to artists who provide lessons, it's a one-stop shop for your artistic needs on the West Coast of Scotland.

Show-Off Pop-up Gallery

The Show Off Gallery is located in a beautiful shop front exhibition space in Whitstable’s vibrant artisan area. The space has plenty of natural light and has the advantage of a large display window open onto the busy destination shopping area of Harbour Street. The 12sqm gallery is suitable for solo shows, group exhibitions or events.The exhibition space is welcoming and approachable, offering fantastic ground floor frontage and direct entrances onto the busy street. Harbour Street is not only a very lively and popular location for art and culture, it is also just a few steps away from the beach.

Yewtree Cottage

Sitting just outside the Scottish National Park and 5 mins walk from the sea is Cedarbank Studio’s Yewtree Cottage. A one bedroomed cottage full to the brim with art. Seven artists show in the cottage and all the artwork is for sale.We have watercolours, oils, lino prints and ceramics.All the artists offer lessons – just give them a call to arrange a convenient time.Sitting in it’s own garden, Yewtree offers more than just an Airbnb experience.

The 3 Simple Rules

We ONLY have three rules:

  • No pornographic or offensive images.
  • ONLY entries related to art and art associated businesses.
  • DO NOT use upper case lettering to try and highlight a title.

Email us.

With artists are able to take control of their own careers, list their own pieces for sale to collectors and undertake their own fulfillment of orders.

The only stipulation on is that the work you list is your own and is original. Where prints are for sale, we ask that all image copyrights belong to you and that you are legally disposed to sell the pieces you have on offer.

The site is FREE to use with only 10% sales commission OR for those willing to bet on themselves with only a nominal subscription (from less than £1/month) to upload unlimited artwork and very low 3% commission on sales. If you are a creative is the best option you have.

Header Image by Roy Guisinger from Pixabay

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