Aeschengraben 21, Basel, Switzerland
Detailed Information
  • Baloise and Art Basel International Art Fair.
  • Annual ‚Äì winners are announced at Art Basel fair.
  • Two top prizes of CHF 30000 (¬£21,770). Prize includes the acquisition by Baloise of a selection of works by the award winner. Baloise buys groups of works by the prize¬≠winners with the object of donating them to two lead¬≠ing European museums, currently the MMK, Museum f√ºr Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt and the MUDAM, Luxembourg.
  • Eligibility limited to ‚Äòemerging artists‚Äô, but candidates can be of any nationality.
  • Outlook of the award tied up with that of the corporate founder: ‚ÄòBaloise believes that the privilege of owning art brings with it the obligation to present it to a wider public.‚Äô
  • Winners chosen by a jury of five curators and art directors.

Since the immemorial, art has been an essential part of our lives. Art visualizes our thoughts, dreams and visions. That‘s why art fills our live with colour. For the past seventeen years, Baloise Group and Art Basel have given young artists an opportunity to present their work in the Statements sector of Art Basel to a jury of international art experts who award the coveted Baloise Art Prize.

The Baloise Group has cultivated its commitment to the fine arts for several decades. Sixteen years ago, Baloise widened its efforts to promote the arts by introducing a new and substantial dimension: the Baloise Art Prize, which is awarded annually to two young artists. The two awards, which include a cash prize of CHF 30,000 each, are presented in the Art Statements sector of the Art Basel by a jury made up of renowned art specialists.