17 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda
Detailed Information

The Bermuda Biennial is a platform for the contemporary art scene in Bermuda.

Started in 1994, the exhibition continues to represent the vitality and creativity of local artists. The Bermuda Biennial provides an opportunity for local artists to engage in an internationally juried process, which strives to represent the excellence of Bermuda’s contemporary art. Since 1998, Bacardi Limited has generously been the Signature Sponsor.

The exhibition is open to all artists resident in Bermuda and Bermudian artists overseas. Its key aims are:

– To showcase a diverse range and high standard of contemporary art;

– To invite international jurors from respected art institutions who share their experience and knowledge through lectures, workshops, and school visit;

– To use the exhibition as an educational resource to generate understanding and interest among Bermuda’s youth about fine art;

– To produce a catalogue that features each artist, and serves as a valuable record of the exhibition as well as a marketing tool, sent to international museums.