22 San Ignacio, Havana, Cuba
Detailed Information

The curatorial team of the Havana Biennial, confirms that the following edition will take place in November 2018:

Recognized as one of the most important events of Cuban culture, Havana Biennial has scheduled its 13thedition for November 2018, which maintains its every 3 years frequency implemented over 2 decades ago. Despite its triennial basis, Havana Biennial has retained its name as a respond to an event concept and as so it has been internationally released. The establishment of a new nomenclature might suggest that it is a new event. In addition, the current interval between each edition allows us to analyze in more detail and depth the changes that occur in contemporary art.

While especially interested in the so-called South countries, the Havana Biennial has been opened for years to other regions, being even more encompassing geographically. The curatorial team works right now in the conceptual platform of the upcoming edition, which will be announced opportunely in 2017.

Havana Biennial retains its selectivity bydirect invitation, therefore is not an open call.