Fiesta Bienal, Constituyente, Montevideo, Uruguay
Detailed Information

“The Montevideo Art Biennial is a Montevideo Biennial Foundation initiative. The Foundation is a non-profit institution whose mission is to organize cultural and educational projects in the area of visual arts and culture.”

The primary objectives of the Montevideo Biennial Foundation are to foster, disseminate and promote contemporary art, both nationally and internationally. Through its educational project, the Montevideo Art Biennial provides a powerful ethical, social and cultural framework for the community.

The Montevideo Biennial Foundation is setting up a Documentation and Research Centre with the purpose of preserving the institution’s historical heritage. It will include a variety of documentary collections and research resources in relation to Latin American contemporary art and the history of the Montevideo Biennial. The DRC will act as an archive and a library, with printed and audiovisual material, electronic and iconographic documents and digital images catalogued and added to an image database available on the official website. Researchers will have access to part of the material on biennials and all of the cultural events connected to the Montevideo Biennial Foundation.