1710 First Avenue, New York, NY, USA, NY 10128
Detailed Information

Through an intuitive Web interface designed especially for engagement with works of art, combined with artificial intelligence that tracks what the user favors, the project brings together young and emerging contemporary art curators from across the globe.

The BiennaleOnline makes available a curated selection of artists’ work on any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world. A modular interface allows visitors to follow the specially curated paths and quickly sort selections according to artist, medium, region, and other criteria, and to view works in relation to those of other artists or zoom in to examine details and surfaces. Users may also define and tag routes themselves, creating personalized maps to share their favorite artists through social media forums, including Art+, Twitter and Facebook.

BiennaleOnline is the result of Jan Hoet’s contribution to the ART+ Network (www.artplus.com), founded by David Dehaeck, Nathalie Haveman as a social network that changes the way artists, collectors, museum professionals, and art enthusiasts connect globally. The team identified the need for a widely available curated list of new and emerging talent—a “filtered selection of the world’s most promising artists”.