Cedarbank Studio ;Cedarbank Studio, Argyll and Bute PA23 8JY;PA23 8JY
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Living by the Scottish National Park, influenced by the ever-changing weather, surrounded by rugged coastlines and overlooking the sea; Cedarbank Studio produces pieces which shout about everything that is special in this corner of the world.

Specialising in watercolours and oils. The commercial clients of Cedarbank Studio include the Clyde Fishermen’s Trust, Loch Fyne Oysters, Stranraer Oyster Festival and Nick Nairn’s School of cooking. Private commissions are welcome, original watercolour, ink or oil paintings, ¬†prints and hand-painted cards are available through the website and associated outlets. With associated art house for residential visits and links to artists who provide lessons, it’s a one-stop¬†shop for your artistic needs on the West Coast of Scotland.