70 Merrion Square South, D02 NY52, Ireland, Dublin
Detailed Information
  • Administered and funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.
  • Only available to members of Aosdana. A member may apply for a Cnuas at any time.
  • The Cnuas is a stipend that is available to Aosdana members under certain conditions. It is provided by the Arts Council to assist Aosdana members to concentrate their time and energies on the full time pursuit of their art. A Cnuas is granted for a five-year term. In 2011, the value of the Cnuas was ‚Ǩ17,180 per annum.
  • Only members of the Aosdana artistic community can apply for a Cnuas. Membership of Aosdana is limited to 250 individuals. In order to be eligible to receive the stipend, the earnings of the applicant cannot be in excess of one-and-a-half times the value of a Cnuas. Membership of Aosdana is by peer election and candidates must be Irish/Northern Irish or have been resident in the Republic of Ireland/ Northern Ireland for five years. They must have produced a distinguished body of work.
  • The purpose of the Cnuas is to allow artists to immerse themselves fully in their work.
  • Eligibility is based primarily on financial need, as set out above.

The Arts Council established Aosd√°na in 1981 to honour artists whose work has made an outstanding contribution to the creative arts in Ireland, and to encourage and assist members in devoting their energies fully to their art.