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Detailed Information
  • European Association for Jewish Culture.
  • Annual.
  • Grants of up to ‚Ǩ5,000 for new exhibitions of contemporary art that address the Jewish experience. Awards are made in two instalments. The project must be exhibited within 12 months of the first instalment.
  • Applicants must be resident in Europe. They must have two years of arts experience and must have exhibited their work at least once previously.
  • Focus of the European Association for Jewish Culture is to enhance Jewish life by fostering and supporting artistic creativity and achievement.
  • Application by e-mail only, including details of exhibition budget, venue and purpose. Examples of work also required.

The EAJC was established in the year 2000 following conferences, seminars and consultations with artists and professionals in the cultural sector at which the role of Jewish culture as a source of inspiration and renewal was discussed and articulated. The part culture and the arts play in representing Judaism to the wider world was considered equally important. The mission of the EAJC is to foster creativity and promote access to Jewish culture in Europe.  Since its launch, the EAJC has supported many arts projects including the Judaica 21 international design competition for Judaica artifacts. The EAJC digital collections programme launched Judaica Europeana, a network of heritage institutions that work together to provide integrated access to digital collections via Europeana.eu, a platform for Europe’s museums, libraries and archives

Having looked at the site it seems like the grants stopped in 2014.