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An annual event, the Kent Creative Awards celebrate the arts and culture in Kent.  We want to give encouragement to individuals and organisations who make a worthwhile contribution to the artistic and cultural life of Kent.

The Awards aim to:

  • Stimulate and reward cultural success and artistic excellence
  • Motivate entrepreneurship in the creative sector
  • Increase awareness of the limitless potential of Kent‚Äôs creative sector.

The creative sector is booming across the UK with the creative industries estimated to contribute £84.1bn a year to the economy in 2016; and it is widely recognized that culture is at the heart of successful economies and happy communities. The importance of the creative sector is undeniably growing in the South East too.

Furthermore, the creative sector has already proven to be a powerful driver in regenerating communities and businesses, enhancing their distinctiveness and ensuring they are attractive and stimulating places in which to work and live.

Kent’s creative sector reflects this with culture raising the profile of the county. The Canterbury Festival and the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, Turner Contemporary in Margate, the Creative Quarter and the Triennal in Folkestone have successfully helped to establish Kent as a destination for culture.

Places with a strong cultural identity attract tourism, bring in more visitors and energize the local economy.

There is scope to support existing entrepreneurial trends and much more remains to be done to recognise and realise the full potential of our creative enterprises across the county, hence the establishment of Kent Creative Awards.