London Borough Of Southwark: North Peckh, Tooley Street, London, UK, United Kingdom - England
Detailed Information

Grants and funding

Advice and support

Community Southwark

Community Southwark offers guidance and resources on income generation for voluntary section organisations operating in Southwark.

Creative Choices

Creative Choices provides a host of information for the creative sector, from tools and resources, jobs and opportunities, to industry case studies to grow your creative practice.

Southwark Arts Forum

Southwark Arts Forum runs arts advice surgeries for artists that need support and assistance with a specific topic. This could be related to funding, business support, personal or project development. Meetings of approximately 90 minutes can be attended individually or as part of a group. Sessions take place during weekdays in Southwark at a cost of £25 for a one-to-one session and £10 per person for small group sessions.

Email Southwark Arts Forum directly to arrange a session.

Southwark Council arts team

The arts team are happy to provide you with feedback and support with your fundraising strategy and any resultant fundraising applications.