2 Derb Moulay Abdul Kader, Marrakesh, Morocco
Detailed Information

First held in November 2005, the Marrakech Biennale is a major trilingual (English, Arabic and French) festival in North Africa focusing on cutting-edge contemporary art, literature and film. The Biennale seeks to promote the status of the artist and contemporary culture in North Africa and to dynamize the regional creative scene, enabling discussions with and between artists. Held every two years, the Marrakech Biennale promotes inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary exchanges through an educational approach that addresses art professionals, students and the general public.

Core Prinicples

Artistic program should stimulate, educate and entertain

• 100% externally-funded by sponsors and benefactors, without influe

cing creative content

• Maintain size, scope and quality of main exhibition

• Encourage parallel projects and fringe program

• Maintain balance between artistic disciplines (literature, art, film and


• Provide an international focus on Morocco’s burgeoning artistic scene

and talent

• Wherever possible, encourage the use of locally-based personnel and


• Innovate and re-energize the artistic program by inviting new talent

• Ensure the presence of an active, participatory education program

with local institutions

• Aspire to be multi-lingual (Arabic, French and English)

The Marrakech Biennale is run by the Marrakech Biennale Association, a non-profit organization registered in Morocco.