Museo de Antioquia, Calle 52, Medellín, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
Detailed Information

The Medellin International Art Encounter (MDE) is aquadrennial event organised and carried out by the Museum of Antioquia. The aim of the event is to make Medellín a center with permanent presence on the international art scene by promoting the production, dissemination and appropriation of contemporary art practices. MDE challenges the conventional approach to biennials not only in terms of its periodicity, but also due to its interest in reaching out to internal agents and strengthening the local cultural field.

In keeping with the Museum’s philosophy, MDE aims to leave the main building of the Museum and go out into the streets to meet the community, seeing artistic practice as a tool to help strengthen social fabric, civic participation and the appropriation of public spaces.

The first MDE, held in 2007, focused on spaces of hospitality -a subject that gathered more than 280 artists and speakers in Medellín- and among other activities featured exhibitions, round tables and film festivals; it was attended by a total of some 300 000 people.

The second edition (MDE11) took place from September to December 2011 under the curatorial theme of “Teaching and Learning: Places of Knowledge in Art”. It focused on different ways of shaping and recreating knowledge in and from art.