An der Pfeffermühle 39, Halberstadt, Germany
Detailed Information

MKH Biennale may be taking place far from big cities, but nevertheless, it enables people to participate in a present without borders. The focus does not lie on the Halberstadt region or the cultural area Harz, but rather on the interrelation of global processes and regional developments.

The concept of MKH Biennale promises extraordinary aesthetic experiences in every respect and for all involved! Through artistic use many areas of the town are being brought into view: hardly noticed locations otherwise or simply are inaccessible, as well as exhibition spaces that are highly noteworthy simply for their own sake – hence even more as places of art.

The unusual locations offer a spectacular stage for the artistic work and at the same time get into the public eye themselves – an assembly of art-space is created without the works having been designed specifically for a particular spot. Art and space enrich each other and thus become a mutual condition of their very specific and unique visibility. Halberstadt offers a variety of highly attractive and challenging venues.

The choice of locations will be unique in each issue of MKH Biennale. But even well-known spaces due to the exhibition can be seen in a new light, get an artistic interpretation. Due to the spatial distribution of the components of the exhibition, their public visibility and their temporal dimension, the overall project MKH Biennale becomes a vibrant artistic intervention shapes the image of the town selectively. Works that call for a more neutral environment likewise receive a worthy presentation: established exhibition spaces are included in the concept as well.