Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Maridalsveien, Oslo, Norway
Detailed Information

Through exhibitions, conferences, debates, competitions, publications and events across different formats and media, OAT seeks to challenge the field of architecture, engage the public and inspire local, Nordic and international debates concerning architecture and urbanism.

OAT is a knowledge-driven Triennale, which continuously develops and produces content with relevance that goes beyond the triennale itself.

OAT builds networks, engages and inspires debate among professionals, business communities, decision makers and the public across borders, social layers, sectors and professions.

OAT is held every third autumn in Oslo, over a period of approximately ten weeks.

The main target groups of OAT include the citizens and users of the city, decision makers, professionals and international guests.

OAT addresses global topics that spur international interest and are locally relevant.

Topic and concept are proposed and developed through an international Call for Curators, where contestants from all over the world participate. An international jury appoints the winning topic. The curators of the winning team are responsible of developing the Triennale in close collaboration with the OAT team in Oslo.