R. Ivens 10D, 1200-227 Lisboa, Portugal, 1200-445
Detailed Information
Representative of prestigious brands of Fine Art articles, we have accumulated extensive experience in relationships with large companies, given the sustained ability to adapt to change: following market trends, flexibility and the possibility of composition of exclusive products, use of advanced technology combined with traditional techniques.


The Ponto das Artes Stores emerged after finding that there was little offer in the domestic market of a range and brands of products.
The change of brand to Ponto das Artes was a milestone in Quadrimovel’s life. Although it had already existed, Ponto das Artes Stores was dedicated to Decoration – Framing Services, Screen Printing, etc. – it was through the Fine Arts material that the concept of Ponto das Artes returned.
First came the Online Shop where there was a huge adhesion by artists, students and interested in the area of Fine Arts. With this step there are no longer barriers for the arts to develop from north to south of Portugal.

Then came the Loja do Chiado, near the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Technical University of Lisbon. This store marks an important step in the growth of Ponto das Artes Stores. It went from an ethereal place to something earthly.