Nadace Prague Biennale, Budečská, Prague 2, Czechia
Detailed Information

The Prague Biennale Foundation, founded by Helena Kontov√° and Giancarlo Politi in 2003, was created for the purpose of organizing an international exhibition of contemporary art, which takes place once every two years in the Czech Republic and bears the name Prague Biennale.

The Prague Biennale has gradually become the most significant event in Central Europe. Having established itself as the only nationally and internationally acclaimed biennale in the Czech and Slovak republics, the Prague Biennale has become an international reference point, especially with regards to painting and art as social catalyst. Eschewing the path taken by those biennales that, over the years, have turned into mere politically correct group shows with inflated budgets often reaching sixty million dollars, the Prague Biennale has remained a strictly low-budget affair.

Since 2007 the Prague Biennale Foundation has also been preparing Prague Biennale Photo, which – continuing a decennial tradition in Czech Republic – showcases emerging photographers from Central Europe and from other countries.

The Prague Biennale Foundation aims to help Czech artists from various fields to create culturally significant works and to present them in an international context. The Prague Biennale Foundation works closely in all its artistic and cultural projects with the Italian publishing house Giancarlo Politi Editore, publisher of Flash Art.