935 Gravier Street, New Orleans, LA, USA, Louisiana
Detailed Information

Founded in 2008 by Dan Cameron, Prospect New Orleans is the largest biennial of international contemporary art in the United States. Conceived in the tradition of international biennials, Prospect New Orleans showcases new artistic practices from around the world and contributes to the realization of New Orleans by spurring tourism and bringing international attention to the city’s vibrant visual arts community.

Prospect New Orleans was founded on the principle that the art of our time can play a significant role in the revitalization of an important U.S. city. As it evolves from a first-time biennial in Prospect.1, to a local tradition with each subsequent Prospect New Orleans, the biennial remains committed to building a contemporary art tourism infrastructure upon a signature event that galvanizes local art creation and entrepreneurial activity.

By assigning social progress and aesthetic criteria nearly equal weight in the making of Prospect.1, the fundamentally educational message that was implicit in the first biennial receives a similar degree of attention in Prospect.2. This focus continues to be developed as part of the direct, ongoing collaboration with the residents, neighborhoods, and institutions of New Orleans.