Detailed Information

Since 1972 Sculpture Quadrennial Riga has been the biggest regular contemporary art exhibition in Latvia organised every four years in the city of Riga. The event fosters understanding and links between the centre and periphery in contemporary art.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia has recognised Sculpture Quadrennial Riga as the cultural event of national and international importance and approved the Centre for Art Management and Information (MMIC) as the management structure for the event.

The Sculpture Quadrennial Riga aims at breaking down elitism in art and culture space through openness and culture accessibility, involving groups of the society whose environment rarely is a site for contemporary art practice.

Non-governmental organization the Centre for Arts Management and Information (MMIC) was in 2002. MMIC organizes and produces interdisciplinary culture and art projects, as well as collects and provides information about competitions, exhibitions, symposiums, grants, study possibilities and other foreign art activities for students, teachers and young artists.

MMIC aims to permanently establish new contacts in the field of art and culture, as well to inform the public about art in Latvia and it’s market.