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Sell Your Art

Why Choose

With uploading artists from all parts of the world, our site is global. Our marketplace site has been created by an artist to benefit artists.

Unlike some of the mega-art-sites the cohort of artists on is small enough to feel personal.

The relationship you have with our owner and founder artist, Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell IS personal, so don’t hesitate to drop him an email (

Other considerations include:

  • Collectors from all over the world browse our pages.
  • Your gallery is bespoke; you set your prices, the shipping statement, the return policy and your terms and conditions.
  • You can benefit from the growing Help and Support section of our site with its information, advice and guidance tailored to meet your needs.
  • One of the lowest sales commissions on the market.
  • Tailor made systems and features to assist in your career development
  • Live Chat support

What Application Process? is a free market.

Artists are self-selecting and the market decides if your artwork will sell.  There is no-one judging your work apart from the potential customers who can review your gallery with comments and score it between 1-5.

When you register as a vendor gallery you will be given upload rights to the site.

Within our terms and conditions we make it clear that we do not host art which can offend anyone.  Be considerate of others.  That’s all.

Have It How You Like It.

When first registering, you will get a chance to design your own unique gallery URL.

Each product you upload can be described by you in your own words

Your shop settings can accommodate your Bio and Artist Statement and be made to reflect your unique brand.

Your gallery is YOUR gallery.  How it looks is up to you.


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