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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do I get if I sell my artwork?

A:  We charge the following fees on completed sales:

Commission – 3% of the gross sale price, as set by you.

PayPal transaction:-

An example of a PayPal transaction might look like this:

Collector buys work (Eg £100 including shipping)
PayPal deduct 3.4% + £ 0.20 merchant fees off £100 (£3.60 – balance now at £96.40)
We deduct 3% of £100 (£3 – balance now stands at £93.40)
We transfer to the artist and depending on their PayPal account, PayPal deduct between 2.7-3.4% + £ 0.20 of £93.40
Worst way Merchant Account 3.4% + £ 0.20 is applied which means the artists ultimately gets £89.82.

In this illustrative example, you will receive about £89.82

Stripe:- European Card transaction

An example of a Stripe EU-card transaction might look like this:

Collector buys work (Eg £100 including shipping)
Stripe deduct 1.4% + £ 0.20 merchant fees off £100 (£1.60 – balance now at £98.40)
We take 3% of £100 (£3 – balance now stands at £95.40)

In this illustrative example, you will receive about £95.40

Stripe:- Non-European Card transaction

An example of a Stripe non-EU-card transaction might look like this:

Collector buys work (Eg £100 including shipping)
Stripe deduct 2.9% + £ 0.20 merchant fees off £100 (£3.10 – balance now at £96.90)
We take 3% of £100 (£3 – balance now stands at £93.90)

In this illustrative example, you will receive about£93.90

Q: Can I customise my gallery to reflect my brand?

A: Yes.  The galleries can be customised via the vendor dashboard.

Uploading artists can upload their own banner with branding and profile picture of themselves.  Research has shown that where there is a picture of an uploading artist smiling, online shops sell more.

You might also decide to publish your contact information and address but you don’t have to.  We do ask that as a minimum you share publicly which country you are in.

The amount of information you list and have on display is entirely up to you.

Q: Is it complicated to set up a store?

A:  No it is very straightforward. Processes are in place to prompt you to upload a banner, link social media step-by-step.

We also have an Academy which its own YouTube Channel with demonstrations, explaining how to perform certain functions.

These video’s are also published within the ‘Help’ section of the site.

Q: Do I need to know code?

A:  No.  The site requires you to ‘drag and drop’ media or fill in text boxes.

Q: Is it easy to connect Paypal?

A:  Yes.  All that is required is the email you use for Paypal and hey presto, its connected.

Q: I don’t have a Paypal account.  Can I still sell my artwork on the site?

A:  No.  You will need to register a Paypal account to receive money for selling artwork work on the site.

Q: I don’t have a bank card connected to my PayPal account. Can I still sell my artwork on the site?

A: Yes.  Absolutely.

Q: Why do I need to verify my ID?

A: Hoaxers, scammers, flim-flam and con-artists abound over the internet.  We want to confirm who you are and inspire consumer trust.  This will help you sell more work.

Q: Do I have to upload my ID for verification to sell on artmarketdirect.com?

A: Yes.

Q: Why don’t you just have a greater commission on sales and no subscriptions?

A:  We used to operate on that basis, but it was too easy for scammers to infiltrate our artists ranks.  They became a real nuisance and we lost some good artists because of it.  In 2017 our cohort of artists were consulted and the majority of those who responded stated that security and strategies to reduce this problem was their no.1 priority.

Disingenuous people do not like paying a subscription and like it even less having to verify their ID.

Q: What kind of support does artmarketdirect.com offer me in terms of setting up my online gallery?

A: At the bottom-right of the screen you should see a little blue circle with a white speech bubble in it.  This is a Live CHat function of our support.  If we are online when you are, we can chat.  If not you can leave us a message and we will get back to you within 24hours by email.

You can email us directly at admin@artmarketdirect.com

You can watch our YouTube demonstrations

You can read information, advice and guidance documents by clicking Help at the top left of the sites screen.

We know we are responsive and want to ensure that this market dynamically evolves with your needs.  If for example, you needs more tags inserted, just email us and we will insert them for you, making the feedback, suggestion and corrective improvement action available for all other uploading artists.  The site is by definition a dynamic collaboration.

Q: What features does the site have which makes the subscription ‘good value?

A: The site features include:

  • Flat-rate sales commission of 3%
  • Vendor Verification to prevent fraud and increase consumer trust
  • Nominal subscription (less than £1/week) to prevent hoaxers/spammers
  • Integrated Lightbox function
  • Separate Bio and Artist Statement (industry standard)
  • Excellent search capacity with Categories, Attributes and Tags
  • Live Chat support/messaging improving response time
  • Information, Guidance and Advice for Uploading Artists via the Help section of our site
  • ‘More products’ and ‘Related products’ linking when uploading a new product (to assist with up-selling)
  • ‘No right click’ content protection
  • YouTube Demonstration channel relating to common functions

Q: Will artmarketdirect.com promote me and my artwork?

A:  It is in our interest to promote the marketplace to potential collectors of fine art.  We want to make as much money as we can from commission from sales.  The target here is volume.

We will do this in a number of different ways with a solid approach to operating a ‘marketing-mix’ of both online and offline promotion.

We believe the onus to promote your work is shared.  Most artists sell their work to people they know.  The same is for artmarketdirect.com.

Uploading artists are urged to share their products on social media and do everything they can to get their bespoke Online Gallery URL known, liked and regularly shared by family, friends, contacts and collectors.

We are increasingly producing case studies of sharing success which you can take a look at HERE to show you what you can do to sell more work.

In the future we will be offering cost-effective services related to online marketing and advertising.  Watch this space.

Q: Will artmarketdirect.com promote me and my artwork?

When we started this journey, we used to simply promote ArtMarketDirect.com on social media by trying to show artists what a great deal we offer, compared to the big mega-art sites. We used to list features and talk about prices…but that was boring.

We analyzed how we go about selling art to collectors as artists, and the reality is, in most cases in the real-world face to face selling, relationships exist or are created. That was not happening with a logo and a sales pitch.

We therefore changed how we market our site we now focus a lot more on your content – sharing what you upload to our social media channels and engaging with responses, and it has worked. All our paid for marketing promotes artists on our site and individual works of art.

It obviously helps us too if you guys can help by posting your ArtMarketDirect gallery URL links to your own social media channels, share the details of our great Facebook groups with others or share content from the directory or events pages.

Q: What visibility does your portal get?

The marketplace gets regular footfall and the numbers are good as you would expect from a hub of hundreds of individual galleries featuring collectively thousands of uploaded artworks.  The reality is the marketplace will only work for you if you work it; because of that whereas some artists get their works viewed hundreds of times per month.  These guys tend to be engaged on their own social media channels, have their own blogs and website which all link to their gallery within our marketplace, some folk who have only uploaded one piece of work, not changed their gallery banner, not completed their own SEO or updated their artist statement or Bio, might get zero views.  There is not too much we can do about that.

From December 2017, our efforts to promote the overall marketplace have paid off with overall site views increasing steadily on average by 16% per month with an average of new visitors to the site per month representing an average of 72% of overall visitors.

Q: Do you have any sales stats we can see?

We sell artwork regularly but we know, as would be expected, most of our artists who sell work get more sales with collectors contacting them using their phone number, email or website.  Work is being taking off our site or placed ‘out of stock’ regularly.  As a hub for connecting collectors to artists directly this is always going to be the way.  We know that our transparent model which works by facilitating communication and building relationships between collectors and artists this off-site contact will always exist and that is a good thing, but impossible to monitor or collect data for.

Q: Can we do a series of featured artist articles to help promote the chosen artists?

We do have a ‘Featured Artist‘ section to our site where we show interviews of artists whose work has featured on our front page.  If you think you could benefit from completing an interview but have not for whatever reason, just get in touch and we will schedule your work to be featured and arrange for an interview to be published.

All featured artist interviews are shared across our social media channels.

Q: When we do a search the portal is not showing up on page one so what can we do to get this to be more visible.  How can we explain SEOS  to help artists get their images more visible?

We work on our marketplace site SEO all the time to increase our visibility.  Individual artists can help with this by completing their own SEO.  Instructions for completing individual gallery SEO are contained within the Vendor Academy HERE

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