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Vendor Academy

The Vendor Academy is the place where you can learn about all things

From setting up your profile, changing passwords to listing a product including setting the Categories, Attributes and Tags.

This section of the site will grow as uploading artists interact with the site, use the live chat function or email a question.

It is a dynamic resource which over time will be indispensable for vendors serious about putting their artwork in a place to sell it.

We will also share with you information, advice and guidance about best practice as an artist.  In almost all cases, this information will come from sources elsewhere on the internet.  Where this is the case we will share with you the link to the source.

If you have any ideas about how the Academy can be improved, we would love to hear from you at

If you find that you need answers to specific questions, not catered for within the Academy documentation, you can contact us using:

  1. Email (
  2. Live Chat (The small blue circle with a speech bubble icon on the bottom right of your screen)
  3. We can schedule a coaching session on WhatApp or Skype at a time convenient for you (English only)



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