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Affiliate and Referrals: Getting & Customising Referral Links

A ‘Referral Link’ is a URL shared in multiple ways by registered Affiliates.  These URL’s have an extension unique to the Affiliate and are used by the system to recognise and reward referrals which have resulted in new subscriptions being created by uploading artists OR in artwork being sold.

Step-by Step:

Login in, if you haven’t already
You should see your Vendor Dashboard.
At the top of the screen click on ‘Your Username'.  This is located to the right-hand side of Vendor Dashboard
Click My Account (second from top)
Click on the prompt in the middle of the screen which says ‘Signup as an Affiliate'
You can click on the Menu item Affiliate to go to your affiliate dashboard.

Getting Your Referral URL

Hover your cursor over the tab entitled Marketing.
Click Affiliate Links (First option on drop down).
You can now see Your referral URL.
An example of a referal URL is:
You can right-click your referral URL and copy the link for use elsewhere to get targeted conversions and start making money.

Creating A New Referral URL

The part of the Your referral URL which ensures your effort is recognised and rewarded is this the part including and following the /.
By using the example above the principle of creating your own URL’s to your gallery or individuals pieces of work could not be easier.
To create a URL to take folk directly to ‘Sell Your Art’ all we have to do is add /?ref=artistdemo (obviously your extension would have your user name NOT artistdemo) to the end of any URL’s used by
This means a usable customised URL would look like this:

Referring Collectors To Your Own Gallery

By using the URL of my gallery ‘The Best Shop in Town’, we can create a link which will take potential collectors directly to a page where they can see my art.
Again, all we have done is added the URL extension /?ref=artistdemo to the URL of the gallery to make a new usable referral link.
We are clear that any referral link which result in art being sold gains the Affiliate 2.5% of the total sale (including your own work).

Lets Repeat That

We are encouraging you to share referral links which result in sales of your own work.  Obviously you win by selling, but also you win because even if a collector buys another artists work, you will still get 2.5% commission.
If you are an uploading artist and your referral link results in your work being sold, you get 97% plus, 2.5% of the sale, reducing the commission paid to to 0.5%.  Everyone here at ArtMarketDirect BaseCamp, thought you would like that.
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