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Basics: Changing Your Gallery Banner

Step-by Step: Changing Your Gallery Banner

It is most likely that your gallery has a default banner as a placeholder.    For some artists, this is fine, for others it does not represent their brand.  The following instructions are to assist you in changing your banner.
Login in, if you haven’t already
You should see your Vendor Dashboard.
Click Settings (either on the bottom of the left-hand side menu OR at the bottom of the drop-down when you click Vendor Dashboard).
Immediately you are faced with the existing banner.  If you hover over the banner image in place, you will see a RED X.  Click that.
Your banner has now dissapeared.  You are now faced with anUpload Banner prompt.  Click that.
You will now see the upload media page of your gallery.
You have a choice:
You can select a .jpg or .png file from your file directory by clicking the blue Select files button
You can simply ‘drag and drop’ your files in to the media library.
Either way once you have followed either option, you will be looking at your media uploading.  As soon as you are able to see a thumbnail of your chosen file in the media library, ensure it is selected.  If it has a small white ‘tick’ in the box, it is selected.  If not, click on the thumbnail of the file you want to select as your banner.
Now click, Select and Crop which is at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.
You are now seeing your image.  If the image does not have the same aspect ratio as the default banner size, you will be shown a dotted box, which identifies how your image will be cropped when you save it.  If you want to reposition your image within the box, you can by hovering with your curser over the image, and then in a single motion Press and keep pressed your left mouse button.  You have effectively ‘grabbed’ the image.
Position your image.
When you are happy with the position, let go of the mouse.
If you are sure, you can no click the Crop image button.
You will be taken back to the settings page of your gallery’s back end.
You should see your banner in place.
If you are happy with your new banner, scroll scroll down to the bottom of the page and REMEMBER to click the blue  Update Settingsbutton.
The page will reload and you will see an option to View Store.  This allows you to view your store as a potential collector does.  You will immediatly see how your new banner looks.
If you’re happy, that is a good job done.  If not, you now need to start all over again by clicking Vendor Dashboard.
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