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What Makes Art Sell?

In this section of our website we will feature artists who want to share their business model to success.

Obviously not all successful artists use the same business model.  Some celebrate local virtues whilst other exploit international opportunities.  One artist may use galleries, relationships with curators whilst another may submit to competitions, shows and private views.

Tell us what makes you different.  How do you make it work for you?  Normally there are no right answers, only answers which work or don’t.

Be featured

Email us at using ‘Sharing Success case study’ as the subject.

We do not promise that we will feature you.  Although we can’t feature everyone, we do promise that we will get back to you in any event.

If we are going to feature you we will email you a release form which we will need you to sign and send back to us, together with quotes, text and media as set out in the guidance found in the Vendors section of the site.

We do not write anything which you have not told us, but we do retain editorial rights to condense, cut, paraphrase and edit what you give us, although you will have the final say on the way the article reads.


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