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Whats New?

19 October 2017

Pricing Page updated

Sell Your Art links updated

BUGFIX: Error code removed from incomplete Bio and Artist statement rendering and replaced with “No Bio found” or “No Artist Statement found”

BUGFIX: Error message removed from subscription page of my account

11 October 2017

Get in Touch menu option added to footer

09 October 2017

New HomePage launched

05 October 2017

Pricing menu option added to top bar

01 October 2017

Affiliate & Referral program goes live

19 September 2017

Changing Your Gallery Banner  – added to Vendor Academy

13 September 2017

‘Mounted and ready to frame’ added to ‘The Piece is provided’ Attribute following vendor request.

12 September 2017

New Tags added: Looking at the existing metadata from the old site, flowers were a common theme.

30+ of the most common flower terms have been recreated together with including:

Flower Tags

  1. Allium
  2. Anemone
  3. Aster
  4. Buddleia
  5. Campanula
  6. Clematis
  7. Crocus
  8. Cyclamen
  9. Dahlia
  10. Daises
  11. Foxglove
  12. Geranium
  13. Helleborus
  14. Hibiscus
  15. Holly
  16. Honeysuckle
  17. Hyacinth
  18. Iris
  19. Jasmine
  20. Kniphofia
  21. Magnolia
  22. Mahonia
  23. Narcissus
  24. Narcissus
  25. Pansies
  26. Peony
  27. Poppies
  28. Roses
  29. Salvia
  30. Snowdrop
  31. Tulips
  32. Violets
  33. Water Lilies
  34. Grass

Tree Tags

  1. Alder
  2. Ash
  3. Aspen
  4. Beech
  5. Birch
  6. Cherry
  7. Elm
  8. Hawthorn
  9. Hazel
  10. Hornbeam
  11. Juniper
  12. Lime
  13. Maple
  14. Oak
  15. Pine
  16. Rowan
  17. Willow
  18. Yew

If you need a tag to assist with your work but cant find it.  Email us at admin@artmarketdirect.com and it will be added.

11 September 2017

BUGFIX: A small number of accounts were affected by an untrue rendering when ‘editing products’.  This was drawn to our attention less than a week ago.  Having referred it to our development team, the bug was fixed in the accounts affected and system wide.

09 September 2017

Reporting A Bug – added to Vendor Academy

08 September 2017

Creating Products – added to Vendor Academy

How to Configure and Use Shipping- added to Vendor Academy

05 September 2017

There have been a great deal of new developments in the site over the last six weeks, not least a complete redesign of the site.  A list of new features includes:

– Sales Commission reduced from 20% to 3%
– Vendor ID Verification to prevent fraud and increase consumer trust
– Introduction of nominal subscription (less than £1/week) to prevent hoaxers/spammers
– Lightbox function
– Better Categorization
– Separate Bio and Artist Statement
– Greater search capacity with Attributes and Tags
– Live Chat support/messaging improving response time
– ‘More products’ and ‘Related products’ linking (to assist with up-selling)
– ‘No right click’ content protection
– Vendor Academy to assist and support Uploading Artists set up and monetise their gallery.
– Demonstration YouTube Channel
– ‘Sharing Success’ case studies where you can share your stories of how you made your art sell.
– Better social media linking to the individual galleries.

If you have any new ideas about how to make the site function better, just get in touch at admin@artmarketdirect.com
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