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    Friday October, 2018

     - Gill Bustamante

    ​My creativeness is helped by listening to BBC radio 6 music, irreverent comedy, walking and looking at things, eating cake, sitting in fields and imagining things.

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    Monday October, 2018

     - Corné Akkers

    I am on a quest of combining great composition in an abstract way, with a world of infinity by creating lots of atmospheric depths and placing a myriad of details like Jan van Eyck did. I guess I search for a ‘theory of all’.

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    Friday September, 2018

     - JOAQUIN DE PÓO (jpoofinearts)

    “Hay que viajar por la realidad con imaginación” “You have to travel through reality with imagination”

  • 20
    Monday August, 2018


    A moment for meditation through brush strokes and colours

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    Monday August, 2018

     - Mairon Almeida

    “I hope one day my work will be known around the world and bring joy to all people”

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    Saturday July, 2018

     - Dmitry Bitjukov

    The most difficult thing is to start your career as an artist. And it does not matter how good your art is when you do not have any “right” contacts, you do not have a name and you are unknown, it’s very difficult to prove to the world that you are worth something. In this […]

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    Sunday July, 2018

     - Eduardo Gutierrez

    ” I’ve learned to be prepare for mistakes and now I wait for that moment when I know I won’t be able to go back to a clean surface. Every line is unique and also every mistake is part of the final product.”

  • 09
    Saturday June, 2018

     - Jennifer Bratby

    From school and throughout my working life I have painted, mostly for my own amusement but also in response to endless friends’ requests for portraits of themselves, their children or their pets.

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    Monday May, 2018

     - MOESEY LI

    I’m proud of the fact that many of my students have become professional artists.

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    Thursday April, 2018

     - Hélène Habbot Bautista

    I like creating an image and an atmosphere which bring the spectator up to a story, but he has to imagine it: what happened before? what happens next?

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    Thursday March, 2018


    I really don’t know how I differentiate from other artists – I just know that I paint in my own style which has developed over the years and people seem to like it!

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    Monday February, 2018

     - Thor Magnus Kapor

    I am an Iceland-based artist painting landscapes with oil pastel technique. ‘Paint and sail’ is the motto I live by.

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    Monday February, 2018

     - AASE LIND

    I´m an addict to colors! – The way the light changes the shades of colors every minute really gives me a kick! 🙂

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    Monday January, 2018

     - Aisha Haider

    As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight” (James McNeil Whistler)  

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    Wednesday January, 2018

     - Bonita Ellmore

    When painting oils, the set up has to be ‘just right’, there is a mental build up to the whole process. There is a controlled ‘angst’ as I paint. The making the canvas, setting up the palette, to the painting is all-consuming. It is starkly different from the disciplined, quiet, introspective approach to watercolours. Both […]