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  • 07
    Monday May, 2018

     - MOESEY LI

    I’m proud of the fact that many of my students have become professional artists.

  • 12
    Thursday April, 2018

     - Hélène Habbot Bautista

    I like creating an image and an atmosphere which bring the spectator up to a story, but he has to imagine it: what happened before? what happens next?

  • 01
    Thursday March, 2018


    I really don’t know how I differentiate from other artists – I just know that I paint in my own style which has developed over the years and people seem to like it!

  • 12
    Monday February, 2018

     - Thor Magnus Kapor

    I am an Iceland-based artist painting landscapes with oil pastel technique. ‘Paint and sail’ is the motto I live by.

  • 05
    Monday February, 2018

     - AASE LIND

    I´m an addict to colors! – The way the light changes the shades of colors every minute really gives me a kick! 🙂

  • 29
    Monday January, 2018

     - Aisha Haider

    As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight” (James McNeil Whistler)  

  • 10
    Wednesday January, 2018

     - Bonita Ellmore

    When painting oils, the set up has to be ‘just right’, there is a mental build up to the whole process. There is a controlled ‘angst’ as I paint. The making the canvas, setting up the palette, to the painting is all-consuming. It is starkly different from the disciplined, quiet, introspective approach to watercolours. Both […]