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Where are you located: Lancashire, England

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About Me

Fun Facts

What’s your favourite colour and why?:

I have no favourite colours in particular as I love all the colours. Colours is what makes us artists. We delve in all kinds of colours on a daily basis so its hard to pick any over the other.

Do you live with any family and or pets?:

I am a family oriented person. I live with my lovely three children and husband.

Tell us a little about your full-time job and/or education?:

I paint everyday as much as I can not because I need to but because I have the urge and desire too. If I go a day without painting, I have the strange unpleasant feeling that my day has not gone by good. I feel unfulfilled and almost empty. Painting is who I am and what I do best in. And to have this as a career is a dream come true. Life had not come with the opportunity to go to art college. I got married and had four beautiful children. One died at 6 weeks and that was the most difficult time in my life and the time when I found solace in painting. Since then I have been painting more and in 2012 I took this up as a career as this was what made me happy the most.

If you weren't an artist what would you be doing instead?:

If I were not an artist I would most likely have gone the route of a children's book illustrator or a graphic designer. The reason for this is because the only talent I seem to have is the creativity inside me so I can only see myself in a creative line of work.

What moment in your career are you most proud of?:

The moment I was mostly proud of was when I first received a fantastic review from a customer. I was over the moon that my art made someone feel so happy and it was worthy of praise. I felt very proud of myself and it gave me so much confidence to become a better artist. A year later I became a best selling artist on two online gallery platforms which I am very grateful and proud of.

Before you became professional in art, what is the best non art related job you ever had and why?:

The first non art related job I did was a teaching assistant at a local primary school. There was a special needs boy who was deaf and I was assigned to help him with learning on a one to one basis. This was before I had my own family. I chose this. because I loved children and especially those with special needs, I wanted to be useful and help the ones that needed it most.

Getting Down To Business

There’s a lot of artwork on the market these days, how do you differentiate yours from the rest?:

I think my artwork is different and unique than other artworks out there. I have my own style in painting the way I do that I don't find in other artworks. My art is more colourful, bold and vibrant and the figures and couples I do in my very own style. You can see this especially in the couples I paint. My cityscapes like the London and Eiffel are more bold and colourful too.

What is the most challenging part about being an artist in todays market?:

The most challenging aspect about being an artist in todays market is being seen on the online galleries. Nowadays people are buying more art online than in the brick and mortar galleries as the online art business has grown so much recently. There are thousands and thousands of artists from all over the world who are putting their art to online platforms that it has become even more difficult to be visible amongst such a colossal amount of artists. I find this very challenging.

For you what is the best part about creating art in the way you do?:

I do not like to be constrained to just one subject matter. I love to paint everything from naive art, cityscapes to sunsets and sails. It depends on what type of painting mood Im in. But I can say that most of all I love painting umbrellas and rainy days.

Visual art is often love/hate. How do you handle negative feedback?:

I am very lucky to have had no negative feedback so far. If I were to have negative feedback I would learn from the negative and try to improve on the thing that made the negative. I think one learns mostly from the critics and this makes you improve and work on that part.

What do you feel when something is sold? Why?:

One of the most wonderful feeling I have is when an artwork is sold. It gives me more energy to paint and more confidence that I begin to believe in myself as an artist more. I find so much happiness in the thought that my art has made someone else happy enough to buy it to hang in their home. Its just such a wonderful feeling to have and a boost to the creative senses.

What are your tools and/or equipment and/or medium of choice? Why?:

I love to paint in acrylics because of its versatility. It can behave in watercolours when diluted and can behave like oils. The drying times are much faster and I am not a fan of chemicals too which I find in oils.

What is your creative process like?:

I am constantly inspired by my everyday surroundings and it can be spontaneous. I may look out the window from a coffee shop and suddenly be inspired to paint the cloudy grey sky and people with colourful umbrellas going about this daily business. bright colours always look stunning with greys.

How do you come up with a profitable pricing structure for your pieces?:

I love it when people buy my art and I would like as much people as possible to buy my art. This is why I try to make my art affordable for everyone. Not everyone has the means to buy expensive original art and this is why I try to keep my prices low but at the same time try to allow an income as an artist for myself so I can continue to paint and create and become a professional artist like I always dreamt of.

What do you believe is a key element in creating a good composition?:

You have to disconnect yourself from the outside world and immerse yourself completely in your painting. This I think is important in creating a good piece of art. When I start painting I lose myself in a kind of rhythm of creation and the last thing I want is to be disturbed my a knock on the door or ringing on the mobile. Once I lose my rhythm, I find it hard to get back into it again.

And Finally...

How has your style changed over the years?:

The one thing I have noticed that has changed on my art over the years is the painting of the sky and clouds. I have mastered this skill over the years from trials and errors. My clouds are now softer and cloud like in appearance and the the sunsets have toned down and look more believable.

Do you have any upcoming events we should know about?:

not yet.

As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight” (James McNeil Whistler)