After listening to our uploading artists we have taken the step to reintroduce a FREE uploading package. That means it’s entirely FREE once again to create your first gallery.

With this plan, you can upload and maintain up to 10-pieces of artwork published at any one time in your gallery. You can also list invitations for commissions.

The plan lasts for 10-years so, there is no rush for you upload all the pieces you have all at once.

This is for artists who want to dip their toe into our marketplace completely for FREE.

For a FREE gallery, we charge you 10% commission on sales. If you want to pay less commission (like our standard advertised 3%) you will need to think about which of our other subscriptions suits you best and as we like to say, ‘bet on yourself’.

Our only stipulation with all packages is that you update your gallery banner and profile picture.