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With uploading artists from all parts of the world, our site is global. Our marketplace site has been created by an artist to benefit artists.

Unlike some of the mega-art-sites, the cohort of artists on is small enough to still feel personal.

Each summer we undertake an artist consultation and except where ideas are counter to the good of the group or the site itself; all ideas are modelled, and where possible implemented.

The relationship you have with our owner and founder artist, Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell IS personal, so don’t hesitate to drop him an email (

We give artists the tools to sell their work, promote their studio and make money.

We provide artists with information, advice, guidance and opinion which helps them develop their work and focus on being professional.

  • Collectors from all over the world browse our pages.

  • Your gallery is bespoke; you set your prices, the shipping statement, the return policy and your terms and conditions.

  • You can benefit from the growing Help and Support section of our site with its information, advice and guidance tailored to meet your needs.

  • One of the lowest sales commissions on the market.

  • Tailor-made systems and features to assist in your career development

  • Traffic to our site continues to grow at a rate of between 15-20% per month.

What Application Process? is a free market and the first gallery you create with us can be FREE too. What plan you choose is up to you.

Artists are self-selecting and the market decides if your artwork will sell.  There is no-one judging your work apart from the potential customers who can review your gallery with comments and score it between 1-5.

When you register as a vendor gallery you will be given upload rights to the site.

Within our terms and conditions we make it clear that we do not host art is intentionally offensive and that is weighed against the artistic merit of any piece.  Be considerate of others.  That’s all.

Pricing Plans

As you can see by browsing the options below, we have attempted to pack the site full of the most useful features for artists to get their work online and sold.

We have created a number of different packages to assist our artists in terms of creating value at both ends of our pricing plan.


  • Upload Limit: 10
  • Custom Gallery Name and URL
  • Accept Credit/Debit Card Payments
  • PayPal/Stripe Compatible
  • Direct Buyer Communication
  • Link/Relate Your Listings
  • Artwork Rating / Comments
  • Artist ID Validation / Trust
  • Sales Commission 10%


  • Everything with FREE…PLUS:
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • FREE Events Listing
  • FREE ArtMarketDirector entry
  • One-to-one Skype or WhatsApp Support
  • Sales Commission 3%


  • Everything with FREE…PLUS:
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • FREE Events Listing
  • FREE ArtMarketDirector entry
  • One-to-one Skype or WhatsApp Support
  • Sales Commission 3%


£10000Every 10 years
  • Everything with FREE…PLUS:
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • FREE Events Listing
  • FREE ArtMarketDirector entry
  • One-to-one Skype or WhatsApp Support
  • Sales Commission 3%

What is

  • Take control of your art career and your own destiny

  • Increase your Real Collectors (these people BUY, not just LIKE)

  • Become a professional artist, help more people see your work

  • Spend time doing what you enjoy

  • Find the perfect mix which works for you

  • Sell your artwork whilst you sleep

Why should you sign up to ArtMarketDirect?

  • List and share your Events

  • Custom Gallery Name & URL

  • Upload Unlimited Number of Pieces For Sale


Learn secrets, tips, advice from other artists including…

  • Artists Best Art Tip They Are Willing To Share

  • Common Mistakes Made By Artists

  • Brand Building

  • Sharing Success

  • Setting The Price Of Your Art

  • Popular Art Mediums That Sell

  • Ways To Simplify Your Creative Life

Have It The Way You Like It!

  • You decide your own unique gallery URL

  • Describe products in your own words

  • Bio and Artist Statement reflect your brand

  • Your gallery is YOUR gallery

  • How it looks is up to you

  • All we stipulate is that you do update the gallery banner and your profile picture.

My whole life, I have loved art and artists.  From a very young age, I was encouraged by my mother to create whilst she took me to every chapel and temple of creativity in existence in London, Great Britain, Europe and North Africa.

My childhood was incredible, very bohemian and wonderful.


My friend and mentor, Brett Neal, a British fine artist told me all about the art world, encouraged me to try it and directed me in the ways of ‘the model’; a clear systematic approach to creating and selling art.  It worked.

This knowledge completely changed the direction of my life.

Maybe you have been to art school or college, maybe you have taught yourself.  I have been shown and since 2013, I have been in the business of art, making and selling my own, and also selling other peoples.

Brett was clear; there are no shortcuts, it is hard work, but with dedication and by being prolific, you can sell everything you create.

If you are an artist and if you are reading this, I want to share that model with you.

  • You can make money

  • You can represent yourself

  • You can live off your art

  • You can make it without selling out

Using our tools, I want to help you live the life you want as an artist.  You CAN get there!

Knowledge of ‘The Model’ literally changed my life.
Knowledge of ‘The Model’ GAVE ME the life as an artist I had always wanted.

It took away the stress of being a “struggling artist” and turned me into a successful one who finally had time to focus on ART instead of MONEY.

This new understanding allowed me to not give in, not sell out, keep my integrity as an artist and live a truly fruitful life. Thatʼs PRECISELY what I want for you!