Real Collectors: A Bit More Detail

In other posts, we have mentioned Real Collectors and in this post, we will attempt to outline the principle on Real Collectors in simple terms and you will see how easy it is to understand. As we have outlined before, the principle is based on 'The Model' espoused by the late British fine artist, Brett Neal and the writings of authors Kevin Kelly and Ylane Duparc respectively. Let’s say that you define your success with an income from your sales of £4,000 per month, you are talking about £48,000 per year.  For most folk, that is a comfortable amount to live on, even after taxes. Using the Real Collector model, you would need to find: 48 Real Collectors who give you £1,000 per year. 2000 Real Collectors who pay you £24 per year. 1000 Real Collectors who pay you £48 per year. 500 Real Collectors who pay you £96 per year. You can change the numbers to work out what works best for you. Using the same premise, [...]