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We believe that when an artist sells something they have created, a very fair commission for us is a flat rate of 3%

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Less commission gives more to the artist
I had reservations about putting my artwork online and it was the website commission rates which were seriously putting me off. ArtMarketDirect.com has a flat-rate of 3% which is comparable to Etsy. For a site dedicated to fine art that’s rare. I like the control I have over my online gallery with ArtMarketDirect too. I deal with my own brand, shipping, discounts and they promote my work. I use links to my gallery on ArtMarketDirect.com from my basic website/ blog
Artist - Cedarbank Studio, UK
stormy horizons

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I empathize with artists. Life is always either feast or famine and often they have to give so much of their feast to dealers or even websites they try to sell on. As a collector of art, I resent that. I have bought a couple of pieces of work over the years through artmarketdirect.com. It’s so nice to know that I have helped an artist somewhere who, because of this site, can now get the lions share of the feast.
Daphne Chamberlain, Collector
Basildon, UK


I like getting a good deal as much as the next man; but it needs to be fair. I would have no enjoyment looking at something someone has sweated over if I knew the talent who created it couldn’t afford to keep the lights on.
Sean O’Callaghan
Cork, Eire

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