How Well Do Your Blog Posts Reinforce Your Brand?

Today we start with a question: What is the most important asset you have when trying to sell your art using online channels?  The answer is You. You and your work are your brand identity.  Everything you do, including writing blog posts, need to reinforce your brand. Write Blog Posts Which Reinforce Your Brand It's a cliche but Real Collectors buy a piece of the artist a little bit at a time. Of course, some folk just buy a piece of creation based entirely on its own merits.  Most do not.  Most folks buy art from the people they know or have met, or from people they think they know. The personal touch is crucial and that is the same when you are trying to use digital channels when trying to sell your art. If you are posting to Facebook, Twitter etc or writing a blog, you need more than just a photo and a few lines of text to get the job done. Creating Content Which [...]

The Winners

What Are The Winners? The Winners of THE ART COMPETITION Facebook Group managed by ArtMarketDirect have been listed in order with the most recent at the top of the page. Each month the new winner has their image shared on our front page. Where the artist has a gallery with us or if they prefer to share their own website or link to their Facebook profile, we endeavour to provide collectors with contact details. The Art Competition Is Hosted Here The Art Competition occurs on Facebook.  Creatives upload images with details of their artwork.  The audience gives pieces of likes and shares.  Each month the piece with the most interactions of Likes/Shares becomes a winner and is listed on this page. CLICK HERE FOR THE ART COMPETITION The Art Competition Rules Like all competitions, there are rules which you might like to take the time to look at.  The rules have evolved over time and whenever we deem it necessary we have updated the rules to ensure [...]

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