7 Ways You Can Develop Your Work

Human beings are learning beings.  We are able to learn new skills, learn from mistakes, make subtle changes in the way we do things and implement strategies over extended periods of time. If you are a professional artist these traits should resonate with you since success depends on all of them. It may well be that you honed your style and you have sold some work.  That is great news!  Don't stop there, keep going. As soon as some artists start selling they think that is the end of the learning curve, in fact, it is just the end of the beginning.  The real work begins now. Imagine if other professionals stopped learning or developing because they had been paid for their work.  If it was a professional boxer, the career would be very short-lived.  The opponents would soon work out the striking blow and their 'edge' will have disappeared.  Let us visualise a troupe of dancers.  Do they stop practising, rehearsing or learning new steps?.....OF COURSE [...]

How Well Do Your Blog Posts Reinforce Your Brand?

Today we start with a question: What is the most important asset you have when trying to sell your art using online channels?  The answer is You. You and your work are your brand identity.  Everything you do, including writing blog posts, need to reinforce your brand. Write Blog Posts Which Reinforce Your Brand It's a cliche but Real Collectors buy a piece of the artist a little bit at a time. Of course, some folk just buy a piece of creation based entirely on its own merits.  Most do not.  Most folks buy art from the people they know or have met, or from people they think they know. The personal touch is crucial and that is the same when you are trying to use digital channels when trying to sell your art. If you are posting to Facebook, Twitter etc or writing a blog, you need more than just a photo and a few lines of text to get the job done. Creating Content Which [...]

Why You Must End Your Inconsistent Voice or Style

Many creatives are drawn to a variety of different directions, both in terms of the medium used and subjects they decide to use in their work. Sure, it can be fun to try out or learn new techniques and its essential in a way if you are to grow, but success at The Model means that your voice or style; your brand needs consistency.  Your Real Collectors need to understand what you are going to produce and when you unveil some newly finished piece, it needs to male sense in terms of a sensible progression to those who support you.  Ricocheting through the vastness of possibilities can alienate those who would otherwise start collecting your work. It's great to know that you dabble in a wide range of mediums from pottery, to watercolour, to pastels, to pen & ink, to lino cutting.  Notwithstanding the colours, materials, different sizes, bolting down your brand to something that is instantly known by those who see it is a giant leap [...]

Ever Forgot To Create A Digital Copy?

Most professional artists know the value of their work; not least because they sell it.  Lots of artists fail to understand that value of getting EVERYTHING they create photographed or in the case of paintings, maybe even professionally scanned. There are a many reasons why this is important and we will set out a few of them here: It is impossible when you create something to know when or where you will want to use a digital image of that work in the future. By having the foresight to get the work digitally recorded, the options availible to you are limited only by your imagination. Do you need an image for a magazine retrospective artitcle about you, your work or, your studio?  Could you use it for your website?  Might it feature in a coffee table book or could it be used on a tea towel as merchandise?  Do you need it for your catalogue raisonné? If you have no visual record of your artwork, any [...]

Artistic Word List

When writing descriptions for pieces, your bio or artist statement, it's a reality that words can often escape us. Words are important.  As an artist, you need to become practised at saying what you mean and meaning what you say.  Collectors can and will decide to buy something or not based on the written narrative you attach to your work. Not all visual artists are blessed with the gifts of a wordsmith either.  We understand that. Also for those first entering the world of art, the language can be high faluting, pretentious, daunting and off putting. We have therefore taken the time to create a list of our favourite artistic words for a dictionary project which over time will be completed with definitions using various online sources and where a phrase is used, it will be defined either by another source or by our editor. We hope this turns into a useful resource for all who need it. As always, if you can see the need for [...]

Losing Track of Your Art

It is difficult enough creating artworks, but managing an up to date catalogue raisonné can be both tedious and something most artists simply don't do; even though they should. Obviously if keeping track is one thing, losing track is worse.  Surely!  So, however tedious the idea of keeping notes up to date might be the consequence of not is profoundly worse. Staying on top of where things have ended up is relatively straightforward for the average artist when considering pieces which have not sold, but the point here is to maintain information of where the body of work is spread out.  Who bought what and for what price.  Have workes been resold?  Where are they physically located now? This might seem like a waste of time, but when you are trying to curate an exhibition of your work, it is invaluable.  You will not need to panic, you can get in touch with long lost collectors and most will be honored to have something they own in an [...]

Can’t Keep up? Ways to Simplify Your Creative Life

We all know what is like being pulled in a dozen different directions. You have galleries calling because they want more work, you have some events including Open Studio in three months, and the Annual Seafood Festival in a months time, an exhibition in the Autumn coming up which you will need to have some new works for...and on top of that half a dozen little shops between your city and the coast are begging for more cards and tea towel deliveries. Your oldest is going through their exams, needing parental support and guidance and you booked a holiday which is for two weeks in two weeks time AND the dog has started to be picky about her food, which probably means she is sick and will need to go to the vet. On top of everything, a local face has tipped you off that they are opening another location and they want some big dramatic works to offer to their clientele.   A big opportunity. With no [...]

Using Low-Quality Materials

It is such a cliche; "Always buy the most expensive materials you can afford." Like most cliches It is based on a nugget of truth. The reason is that you will be wasting your time and neither will the finished piece look as beautiful as it could. It will, in all likelihood, not last as long either. If you are a painter in Oils, at least get the best Linen canvas you can afford, stretch it yourself. Never buy these horrible pre-stretched canvasses. They are fine for students to practice on but you are a professional. The same applies to watercolour paper; get some nice thick high-quality brand paper. In Oils, buy the best quality professional grade Titanium White you can. Cheap white will 'yellow' after only a few years, likewise any other colours you mixed with it. When my budget has been tight, there are some 'essential' colours after white which I spend as much as I can on, the cheaper versions simply are not as good. [...]

Forgetting To Build The Brand

So you are a professional artist.  You are self-employed.  You are the Chief of Production, Finance Manager, HR, President of Marketing & Sales.  You are the Chief Executive. You wear many hats and that's just the way you like it.  You like spinning plates; or else why would you be here? There isn't anyone who will tell you in the morning that you are late for work or indeed early to clock off, and these are human temptations especially when the sun shines. The problem Just like the singing Sirens in ancient Greek mythology, the women whose beautiful singing lures sailors to wreck their ships on the rocks; just so the prospect of lingering a little too long in the deli for another cup of tea, taking time away from making for a tennis match to be had with the folk down at the courts, maybe you might be able to squeeze an hours sailing, a dog walk, cutting the grass, or painting the gate...all beckon!  They are sent to stop [...]

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Not Identifying Yourself As An Artist

We are what we do and a lot of what we do hinges on how we see ourselves and how others see us. By definition, artists create art and by extension, those who create art are artists. When someone asks you that annoyingly common four worded question; "What do you do?", how do you answer?  What are your reactions in your mind and your body? For some the prospect of saying the four worded answer of "I am an artist", is too much.  This is sad. Coming Out Declaring yourself as an artist to folk you know and strangers you meet can take guts and is a coming out like any other.  Just as there is a plethora of sites and pages dedicates to help young folk come to terms with the person they have grown up to be; to love who they want, so this post is to assist, support, encourage and otherwise hammer home the reality that if you spend your time creating art, you are [...]

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Common Mistakes Made By Artists

We are starting a new thread which will be updated from time to time, relating to some of the more common mistakes made by artists which we might not have experienced but can at least relate to.  There has been a lot of debate here about whether to even do a list such as this. The argument goes along the line "Mistakes is a word which is negative, can't they be referred to as 'habits'?". "What?  Bad habits?  Isn't that negative too?"  How can we make the list positive?  It's about things to avoid. So, it goes on and the conclusion;...."Common Mistakes Made By Artists...and how to avoid them". Folk who fall into these habits can and do produce incredible pieces of work every day and we are in no way suggesting that any part of hell is reserved for those who relate to what we write here; rather this is all just food for thought.  We do not stand in judgement since we reside within same the [...]

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