Not Knowing Anyone In The Art World

Not knowing anyone in the art world before starting to buy art as a collector.  Of course, if you have a grounding in art, then maybe you don't need to do very much and maybe you can operate on instinct alone, some do and do very well. You might choose to opt for a collection uninfluenced by monetary value but rather only buy what you like, what you want to live with and then, who cares if you know anyone or not.  You are a free entity, unshackled and able to ricochet about without care and abandon. For most, buying art as an investment requires knowledge and or experience most people simply do not possess. So without going back to school or spending the next 10,000 hours immersing yourself, is there a way to achieving success as a collector of art? It is a fact that our friends literally influence 'who' we are. They can have an impact on what we do, what we eat and drink and [...]

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Shalt’s and Shalt Not’s When Commissioning Art

For some, the idea of commissioning a piece of unique artwork for their living or work space conjures visions of grandeur, something only reserved for the ruling elite, not the great unwashed.  In reality, there are lots of different artists working in lots of different styles and many are very affordable for us the mob to consider either to brighten the place up or to invest some of our hard earned cash into. Some artists might advertise commission opportunities on their website or elsewhere, such as  It may be that you just want to approach an artist who does a piece of work you like. There are some considerations you need to at least think about before you proceed, and they are very important. You have envisioned a unique piece of art.  How then are you going to get an artist to make it for you; something that they have created with their style which somehow fits with what you have in your mind's eye?  This could [...]

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Common Mistakes Made By Art Collectors

We are starting a new thread which will be updated from time to time, relating to some of the more common mistakes made by art collectors which we might not have experienced but can at least relate to.  There has been a lot of debate here about whether to even do a list such as this. The argument goes along the line "Mistakes is a word which is negative, can't they be referred to as 'habits'?". "What?  Bad habits?  Isn't that negative too?"  How can we make the list positive?  It's about things to avoid. So, it goes on and the conclusion;...."Common Mistakes Made By Art Collectors...and how to avoid them". We do not stand in judgement since we reside within the same the glass house too. The points are listed in no particular order: Not knowing anyone in the art world End. __________________________________________ @rtMarketDirect Email us.With artists are able to take control of their own careers, list their own pieces for sale to collectors and undertake [...]

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Choosing Art? Size IS Everything!

A question we are asked often is about the size of a piece of artwork and the size of a space it is intended for.  As we always say; "Its Art Love, Size IS Everything." We are are not interior designers but there are some general guidelines you can follow when you are deciding whether to buy a piece for a space or not. It should come as no surprise that even when a piece is too big or too small, we say buy it anyway and find the perfect space for it after you get it home. For those who want to err on the side of caution, whether you are looking for something original, a print, photograph, drawing, collage, sculpture, or even some amazing typography, what follows are our top tips,Finally it's worth remembering that different countries have different size rooms.  In the UK houses and apartments are often very old, with lower ceilings, smaller rooms in general and if the building are that old, [...]

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