Not Knowing Anyone In The Art World

Not knowing anyone in the art world before starting to buy art as a collector.  Of course, if you have a grounding in art, then maybe you don’t need to do very much and maybe you can operate on instinct alone, some do and do very well.

You might choose to opt for a collection uninfluenced by monetary value but rather only buy what you like, what you want to live with and then, who cares if you know anyone or not.  You are a free entity, unshackled and able to ricochet about without care and abandon.

For most, buying art as an investment requires knowledge and or experience most people simply do not possess.

So without going back to school or spending the next 10,000 hours immersing yourself, is there a way to achieving success as a collector of art?

It is a fact that our friends literally influence ‘who’ we are. They can have an impact on what we do, what we eat and drink and what we wear. Through conversation, debate and reflection of the same; their opinions can have a profound effect on what we think, feel and our opinions of what we like or don’t like.

The art world like everything else is about relationships.  Sure it’s about the art too and it’s about money but relationships come first before everything and anything else.

So it follows that if you want to create a collection of art, it might help if you immerse yourself in it, make friends with artists; most importantly make friends with artists, and also with:

  • agents
  • appraisers
  • auction houses
  • buyers
  • other collectors
  • curators
  • dealers
  • gallerists

These are the traditional gatekeepers of the art world and they know things which you can’t easily read in a book.  These people will share insights with you and it may be that one of your new friends might agree to mentor you; what an opportunity!

On your days off work, go to public art galleries to help brush up on your art history and also commercial art galleries so you can see what is on trend now, today or even tomorrow.  Don’t be afraid to talk to the people who work in the galleries.

When you are at home, you can look at the online art markets; including and start to identify not just what you like but also try to understand what qualities the work has which makes you like it.

Buying art is an investment of a lifetime.  It too is a relationship.  You are going to be living with this for a while.

By hanging around people involved in the art world, you will, over time start to talk like them, you will learn the language, the phrases the nuances and inflexions all necessary to fit in.

You might change your clothes, the frames of your glasses might start to be more daring, and your hairstyle might suddenly have an identity all of its own!  These changes simply demonstrate that you are adapting to the new world around you.

Build around you a group of open-minded knowledgable people and what you accumulate from them will be priceless.

Some information circulates only within the fine art world and if you want to learn about a particular artist or piece you need to be tapped into the subtle beat of the artistic equivalent of the jungle drums carrying on their heady beat the essential survival tips and tricks essential for survival.

This will become your way of life and you will become a reflection of the world and those around you.




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