Popular Art Mediums That Sell

“Art is whatever you can get away with.” – Warhol and McLuhan

It is a great throwaway line which almost everyone knows and the debate about who said what first will rage on forever, so let’s just attribute it to both of them.  Or is that worse?

Anyhow in a time when almost any medium can be considered art, let us pause for a moment to consider what sells most.

Kathleen Grace, then art consultant is quoted as saying “Good art sells more than anything else. And oil paintings would generally be considered the most advantageous.”  She encourages artists to be true to their own style and not to pander to the mob.

We always find it a little shocking when we see the list.  Reading that Limited Edition prints sell the most can be deflating to any creator, but the reality is that prints enable the masses to access popular art in ways original art does not.  We also think it is sad that ‘Artists Original Prints’ are not as popular as ‘Open-ended Offset Litho Prints.’

Even when in Limited Editions, they are more affordable.  Whatever your opinions, here is the list for you to consider.

1. Limited-edition offset-litho prints
2. Limited-edition giclée prints
3. Open-edition offset-litho prints
4. Oil and acrylic paintings
5. Watercolours
6. Artists’ original prints (e.g. etchings and engravings)
7. Open-edition giclée prints

What should an artist do with this information?

We suggest you look at it, reflect on it and then get back to creating your art.  It is just data, information.  It is not presented in any way to somehow affect your creativity, but rather for you to consider how you might include this information into your practice.

If it makes you want to start photographing your work and releasing prints – then good.

Carter Jameson, the artist says “90% of art sales is in marketing.”, he he says; “it didn’t matter what medium I used, only the story I was telling with the piece.”

So there it is.  Food for thought.




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