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A painting called “The body 1”. The technique used is GRAPO.

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In 2002, Miglena Shanova created an innovation in the fine art world. She invented an entirely new technique called GRAPO. This technique is neither graphics nor is it painting. It is indeed an entirely different manner of art making with enormous potential. GRAPO is incredibly inventive and offers tremendous opportunities for experimenting. It also allows for a virtuoso laying out on a very fine graphical level and at the same time gives immense color possibilities. The merging of graphics and painting makes GRAPO unique because it enables the creation of large-scale graphics, which is impossible to carry out with other techniques. The material on which GRAPO works is very specific. It has a transparent surface and the image is drawn on the opposite side as with a negative. This is a process of art making with a very high degree of difficulty. Due to the specificity and complexity of the technique, it is impossible to make copies of the works created with GRAPO. Even the tools were created specifically for this technique. The GRAPO works of art are created with acrylic. GRAPO is very ingenious and offers opportunities for experimenting with the surface, creating structures, imprints and many visual effects. The vision of the GRAPO works is easily recognizable and empowers artists to create their own handwriting, as well as a different expression in the world of fine arts. Works of art made with GRAPO have been exhibited in a number of exhibitions around the world and are owned by many collectors and art connoisseurs. The GRAPO technique has gained worldwide interest as a fine-art innovation and has received high degree of appreciation from art professionals and connoisseurs.

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