Influence of pictures on the person

In our time it is considered almost a sign of a good tone to have in the house, real author’s oil paintings, and not cheap and poorly (or even badly) conveying the color and texture of the original lithograph.

The fact that artistic images, especially paintings, have an energy impact on a person and his condition has been known for a long time.

The picture radiates the total energy, which in turn affects our subconscious. This naturally entails a change in our reactions and actions. The total energy consists of the color scale of the picture, directly the picture itself, as well as the energy invested by the artist in the picture.
Much depends on the color scheme of the picture. As you know, a person reacts very sharply to different colors. Here it is necessary to represent the connection of the basic colors and emotional state of a person.
Accordingly, if the picture is dominated by more than any specific color, then it exerts a greater influence on the person. Therefore, it is better to choose pictures of light shades, so that when watching such an image it becomes easy and free at once.
Scientists and psychologists have long proved that the pictures are capable of lifting mood, calming and even healing.

— Colorful musical composition #38 –Friendship– mixed technics on canvas 99x 97cm.