40 x 40 x 1.5 inches large original oil painting on canvas of white deer in a white winter forest. The colours are pale whites, peach, lilacs, blues and yellows and hint at a frosty morning in a winter woodland. Winter trees can be seen and a path in the middle disappears off into the distance The stag and the doe are white albino deer. They stand and stare as deer do and look as though they have just materialized out of the ether (hence name ‘ethereal’). Deer are magical, White deer are extra magical. The message of this painting is the same as many of my paintings and simply that we are spiritual beings in nature not just lumps of meat. This is relevant because in many cultures deer are regarded as spirit guides and anyone who has come across a deer in forest will have noted how they stand and stare before vanishing completely and it always make you wish you could follow them – possibly to another land entirely… Yes I know if is fanciful but I am an artist and I am allowed to be 🙂