Homage to Monet’s Poppies near Argenteuil


Prints of Poppies at Argenteuil were everywhere in the early 70’s…my first girlfriends’ parents had one on the living room wall of their council house in Chester…I loved it but she thought it was kitsch…In retrospect I think it was popular because it’s so beautiful and evocative…it always makes me feel free and I felt free here…painting my first water colour for 47 years! They had a Chinese Girl by Tretchikoff too and she was even more ashamed of that..I wander where she is now…I also love Monet for his courageous stand in the Dreyfus Affair…at a time when antisemitism is on the rise we need to remember when artists took stands https://www.jewishpress.com/sections/features/features-on-jewish-world/monet-dreyfus-and-the-end-of-impressionism/2015/12/17/


Water colour on really nice 300gsm 52cm x 42cm x 3cm in the frame https://www.jewishpress.com/sections/features/features-on-jewish-world/monet-dreyfus-and-the-end-of-impressionism/2015/12/17/

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Dimensions 52 × 42 cm


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