White Birds Blue Sea large seascape painting is 36x48x1,5 inches original oil painting on deep edge canvas, white edges, no frame is needed, ready to hang. The painting shows two tropical white angel terns dancing around each other and flying low over a sparkling blue sea. The painting was made by building up lots of pastel colours one over the other and then putting on a slightly pearlescent white layer on last of all which gives the whole painting a white, fresh and slightly glowing effect. It was inspired by a Caribbean holiday some years ago when I spent many hours in a glittering blue turquoise ocean like this with the sun shining off the water of the horizon and making it white and hard to look at. Above me there were beautiful birds soaring and wheeling over the bay. I found it serene and very beautiful as a subject and tried to capture a bit of it with this painting. This is the second version of it as the first was not quite fresh and bright enough! 🙂