The basis of plywood 21 milimeter, the mold is made of plaster, the surface is covered with varnish, acrylic paint.


UnconsciousLat. – ignorant, ignorant, unawarePsychoorganic zone, not detectable and not measured by the zone of logical reflection or conscious “I”.Active existential quantum, both in mental and somatic aspect, not known with responsible will.Entirely formed of an existential, active quantum (physical and mental) of the subject and excluded from the area of consciousness and responsibility “I”.The unconscious is the quantum of life and mind, which we are, but which we do not know at all, that is, it is completely absent in the zone of conscious reflection; it is a part of human life and mind; it is the divine part, both spiritual and animal, in which the angel and the monster coexist. The unconscious is intuition, psychic perception, spirituality, intellectual logic; it is a quantum of mental and somatic life of the individual, they are not aware of and acting beyond the threshold of the logic of consciousness. The essence of the unconscious corresponds to the human In se. The unconscious is not a gloomy place of clusters of monsters or chaos, but a perfect order of life present in man; it is a global totalityinformation continuously coming from the environment. The unconscious is not given by nature; it is a projection formed in the course of the historical development of man, because of which we see only a part of ourselves.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 152 × 90 × 22 cm


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