7 Ways You Can Develop Your Work

Human beings are learning beings.  We are able to learn new skills, learn from mistakes, make subtle changes in the way we do things and implement strategies over extended periods of time. If you are a professional artist these traits should resonate with you since success depends on all of them. It may well be that you honed your style and you have sold some work.  That is great news!  Don't stop there, keep going. As soon as some artists start selling they think that is the end of the learning curve, in fact, it is just the end of the beginning.  The real work begins now. Imagine if other professionals stopped learning or developing because they had been paid for their work.  If it was a professional boxer, the career would be very short-lived.  The opponents would soon work out the striking blow and their 'edge' will have disappeared.  Let us visualise a troupe of dancers.  Do they stop practising, rehearsing or learning new steps?.....OF COURSE [...]

Get Rid Of Unfinished Work Once And For All

Maybe you remember when you were at primary school and during an art session, the teacher told you to take the colour to the edge of the paper after you had drawn your subject right in the middle.  It was an important lesson and as a professional artist, the same spirit of that lesson applies.  Don't stop, push on through until you have completed your work. Finishing what you start helps you make more money.  The idea that a couple of shots of details from your latest work in progress will satisfy your Real Collectors enough to give you money is fantasy island.  Your Real Collectors will only buy finished paintings.  Show them that instead. The Model relies on the premise that you will be 'prolific', but that does not stand if you are forever starting new work with new styles which confuse your Real Collectors who have already committed to your brand style. All creatives have a million and one ideas which can 'go off' in [...]

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Can’t Keep up? Ways to Simplify Your Creative Life

We all know what is like being pulled in a dozen different directions. You have galleries calling because they want more work, you have some events including Open Studio in three months, and the Annual Seafood Festival in a months time, an exhibition in the Autumn coming up which you will need to have some new works for...and on top of that half a dozen little shops between your city and the coast are begging for more cards and tea towel deliveries. Your oldest is going through their exams, needing parental support and guidance and you booked a holiday which is for two weeks in two weeks time AND the dog has started to be picky about her food, which probably means she is sick and will need to go to the vet. On top of everything, a local face has tipped you off that they are opening another location and they want some big dramatic works to offer to their clientele.   A big opportunity. With no [...]

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