Common Mistakes Made By Artists

We are starting a new thread which will be updated from time to time, relating to some of the more common mistakes made by artists which we might not have experienced but can at least relate to.  There has been a lot of debate here about whether to even do a list such as this.

The argument goes along the line “Mistakes is a word which is negative, can’t they be referred to as ‘habits’?”.

“What?  Bad habits?  Isn’t that negative too?”  How can we make the list positive?  It’s about things to avoid.

So, it goes on and the conclusion;….”Common Mistakes Made By Artists…and how to avoid them”.

Folk who fall into these habits can and do produce incredible pieces of work every day and we are in no way suggesting that any part of hell is reserved for those who relate to what we write here; rather this is all just food for thought.  We do not stand in judgement since we reside within same the glass house too.

The points are listed in no particular order:

  1. Not Identifying Yourself As An Artist
  2. Forgetting To Build The Brand
  3. Using Low-Quality Materials
  4. Losing Track of Your Art




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