Artists Best Art Tip They Are Willing To Share

At we have a section set aside for ‘Featured Artists’. 

The concept behind the informal interview style of the interactions with the Featured Artists is to help collectors read about and form a relationship with the artists; all in pursuance of marrying that perfect piece of art with the collector who wants it.

An unintended consequence of the interviews is that we are able to take a look at all of the wonderful pearls of wisdom in the answers to specific questions and between them, create a wonderful resource for fellow artists to look at, consider and maybe learn from.

So lets take a look at our artists Best Art Tips:

Gill Bustamante

19th October 2018

“Be your own advisor, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.”

– L. Ron Hubbard

Corné Akkers

1st October 2018

Do tonal studies to start with. I see so many promising ideas stranding in the mist of low tonal contrasts, making them disappear. I like to impose a zen koan for beginner artists by asking “what is your original idea that stands out in the crowd?” Or: “How do you want to add value to a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a beautiful face?”


7th September 2018

Alíaté with time. That is not your enemy. Create and evolve with self-criticism.


20th August 2018

Enjoy, paint, with no expectations

Mairon Almeida

6th August 2018

A cliché! Never give up ! It sounds silly but it’s the truth. If you do not give up, you’ll definitely be able to! I also believe that you should always seek a style that is unique, something different from everything and that shows what you want to show! Do not try to copy anything or anyone.

Dmitry Bitjukov

21st July 2018

When an artist is satisfied with his painting, it means that he has stopped in his progress.

Eduardo Gutierrez

1st July 2018

Once an Art teacher told me that one difficult thing is to find one’s own style; that many artists struggle with that part for many years. He told me that I was lucky because it was kind of easy for me to find my own style. He advised to go with it and just trust my process. That gave me a lot of confidence and after that things starting to go smoothly for me.

Jennifer Bratby

9th June 2018

Paint to please yourself and have faith in your own ability

Hélène Habbot Bautista

12th April 2018

“Be patient” …


1st March 2018

A very useful tip is if a canvas has somehow gotten ‘dented’ on the stretcher, whether the piece is started or finished, take a wet sponge and press onto the back of the dent on the reverse of the canvas, allow it to dry naturally (about 10 -15 minutes) and hey presto! the dent has gone!

Thor Magnus Kapor

12th February 2018

One of my university professors once told me that a true artist never stops working. Should you stop working, you cease to be an artist. Art is all about creativity and inspiration, but work ethic is extremely important.


5th February 2018

Go on! – Believe in yourself! – Experiment!

Bonita Ellmore

10th January 2018

Clean your brushes.



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