Why You Must End Your Inconsistent Voice or Style

Many creatives are drawn to a variety of different directions, both in terms of the medium used and subjects they decide to use in their work.

Sure, it can be fun to try out or learn new techniques and its essential in a way if you are to grow, but success at The Model means that your voice or style; your brand needs consistency.  Your Real Collectors need to understand what you are going to produce and when you unveil some newly finished piece, it needs to male sense in terms of a sensible progression to those who support you.  Ricocheting through the vastness of possibilities can alienate those who would otherwise start collecting your work.

It’s great to know that you dabble in a wide range of mediums from pottery, to watercolour, to pastels, to pen & ink, to lino cutting.  Notwithstanding the colours, materials, different sizes, bolting down your brand to something that is instantly known by those who see it is a giant leap toward ‘making it’ as a professional artist.

The trick here which you need to bear in mind is best illustrated by the following example:

When you take part in a show amongst the work created by your peers and assuming you have a dozen pieces scattered throughout the show, folk who turn up whether Real Collectors or people who have just seen your work for the first time, should be able to identify your work easily; they should see the similarities between them.  In the same way, visitors to the Tate Modern in London (or any other gallery) would be able to pick out Monet or Picasso or Carravaggio, you need viewers to know it’s your art.

How you do this is your style; bold colour backgrounds, that clever way to paint silhouettes in the shadows, or the way all your pottery has your distinct thumbprint pressing into the side of your creations; there must be a nuance which which will help even the least arty person looking able to know your work belongs to you.

Consistency, an easily recognisable progression of steps is another reason why galleries will start to take notice of your work.  Think about when you visit a gallery.  It is easy to see which works are by the same artist, their voices are individually consistent.  Even if they sing a different song, it is sung in the same way.



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