Knowing When To Stop

This topic will most probably resonate with every creator on earth.

When you are in the zone creating and you step back from your work for the last look, asking yourself “Is that enough?”.

You will see that line that needs softening, that place which needs a little extra work where the colour is not quite how it could be or that mistake you would like to correct (even though only you will ever be able to know it was a mistake).

This is arguably the most dangerous time in the process. It is the difference between something with is complete or something at risk of being ‘overworked’.

No one can help you. You are on your own. Only you can decide.

It’s a difficult balancing act and every other creative empathises with you.

In the end, you will need to down your tools and move on to the next piece.

In reality, if there were no pressures on you, the adage “For an artist, a painting is never finished” is apt.

The difficulty is knowing when is enough and it is only with time and copious amounts of practice that your own style will help you know when enough is enough.

There are no tips here, only encouragement and an equal amount of foreboding.

My rule of thumb; if I ask myself the question, then that is the signal that it is job done.

Down tools, and you can get everything ready to stretch a new canvas, or get ready to put a new lump of clay on the wheel! Exciting!


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