30x40x1.5 inches original oil painting of a spellbound white owl in a summer meadow. It was painted because I dream of seeing an owl in the wild but have never managed it so decided to create one by magic instead. A shaft of golden light beams vertically upwards highlighting a white barn owl in its path. Owls have a way of moving silently over their landscapes and appearing and disappearing very quickly. The owl looks beautiful and ghostly against a wall of deep blue green trees and below her you can see red and yellow wildflowers and lush green grass with summer light shining through the gaps in the trees behind the the meadow. This painting has a fairy story feel to it though I don’t know what the story is. I just wanted a painting that had some drama that celebrates the richness of summer meadow. It was painted after a walk I tool near Groombridge in Sussex where I found a row of conifers with foxgloves and wildflowers outlined against them. Painted on deep edge canvas painted a dark blue green – no frame needed, ready to hang.